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Cindy's Story

Cynthia Schubach, a 54 year old with a diagnosis of right hemiplegia. Cindy began using the FirstFlex (a system consisting of an Ultraflex dynamic EWHO with NMES) in August, ‘03 and has made substantial gains in overall right-sided motion and function.

The following status summary was submitted by Cindy’s OT, Tom Murphy...Cindy playing guitar

“At the time of her evaluation in August of 2003, Cynthia had significantly limited range and use of her right arm. Although she had used several different elbow, wrist and hand splints and e-stim before, the program she began with the Ultraflex “FirstFlex” system was significantly more demanding and aggressive. Cynthia has been extremely consistent and dedicated to using the Ultraflex system, and I am very impressed with her results. Specific gains are noted in her ability to use her right thumb and index for functional grasping, which Cynthia reports she has not been able to do since her surgery in 1960. In addition, her fingers show decreased swan neck deformities when resting, and overall tone is clearly reduced in the hand, improving motor control.”

“Other range of motion is also improved in her elbow, wrist and shoulder, although the benefits and gains extend beyond what is measurable in range of motion. There is a significant gain in overall awareness and flexibility on her right arm, in ways which strongly improve her quality of life. This is noticeable in her gait, and would also improve her safety awareness and balance skills, with improved protective responses and decreased risk of falls and injury.”

“Cynthia has worked extremely hard to make progress, and is justifiably proud of her accomplishments. She has been a pleasure to work with, and will likely continue to make progress with her dedication and energy towards therapy goals.”

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