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Sonya's Story

Sonya Claybourne was affected with polio at the tender age of 5 months old.  She was treated at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia and at 19 months was sent to a home specializing in the care of crippled children.  Sonya was raised at the home and always considered herself fortunate compared to the conditions of many of her housemates.Sonya

Sonya has always had an independent spirit.  Her love for life and the desire to have fun in whatever she does, rises above any physical condition that may be challenging her.  In 1985, Sonya began needing to wear a brace for her left leg due to knee problems and the instability she was having.  A couple years later she also began to wear a brace for her right leg.

Due to continual weakening from the effects of polio, it has become increasing difficult for Sonya to get around solely dependent upon her braces.  Because of this, Sonya now uses a power wheelchair to help her maintain her mobility and independence.  She relies on her braces to support her while going from sitting to standing, while transferring and while standing or ambulating for short periods in her home. 

Sonya was fit with a USS KAFO for her left side and a USS KAFO with an UltraQuick Release for her right side.  This allows her the option to only wear the AFO when preferred, or allows her the ability to easily add the knee portion to make a KAFO for added support.  Sonya’s USS braces have offered her options, freedom and opportunity not available in her prior bracing.   

View Sonya utilizing the Ultra Sit To Stand Feature

View Sonya utilizing the Ultra Quick Release

View Sonya Walking in her USS Braces

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