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Duchenne muscular dystrophy - AFO with SMO


Loss of Range – Pediatric

Clinical Problem:  Joint range of motion loss at feet and ankles, frequent falling, difficulty climbing stairs, losing ability to ambulate

Ultraflex Solution:  Custom Molded AFO with SMO insert (Brace selection based on clinical presentation, applicable DMD brace design solutions include custom molded AFO -Lively, KO, or KAFO designs.)

Clinical Goals: 
Age 3-4:  Maintain normal joint range of motion at feet and ankles (prevent plantarflexion deformities), Early intervention/establish orthotic stretching routine
Age 5-8:  Maintain ambulation, Allow toe walking (functional/daytime bracing contraindicated if daytime bracing prevents toe walking -prevention of toe walking can lead to loss of ambulation in DMD patients) Maintain dorsiflexion ROM and plantargrade posture of feet at rest                
Age 9-14:  Maintain ambulation/functional ambulation, Maintain dorsiflexion ROM and plantargrade posture of feet in order to maintain ability to wear shoes and assist with transfers

Evaluation/Casting:  Foot in sufficient plantar flexion to correct and cast in rear, mid, and forefoot neutral.  Read more on Casting Considerations.   

Evaluation/Ordering Information:  Clinical and technical support: (800) 220-6670
Fax: (610) 906-1420,

Components Only
Pediatric: < 25 kg (no donning lock desired)
T Stirrup:
Lateral Joint AFO PC1T (Left or Right)
Medial Joint AFO P ROM T

T Stirrup: For DorsiFlexion Assist
Lateral Joint AFO SS1T (Left and Right)
Power Unit AFO P#T depending on patient weight (P1>50 kg, P3>25 kg, P5 <25 kg) (Lateral side)

Ultraflex Custom Fabrication:
Above listed components AFO SMO CM (Measurement Form)

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