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EO Custom Fit

The Total Solution for Biceps Tendon Repair

An orthosis for the entire post-operative rehabilitation course

Immobilization/Protected Motion/Active Assisted Motion

Model - EO CF - For same day shipping, call 1-800-220-6670

  • Allows complete healing of tendon repair
  • Prevents adhesions
  • Allows restoration of full active motion
  • Provides a flexion assist while blocking extension
  • Provides an assist in both flexion and extension
  • No measurements needed

Protocol for Use :

Immediate post repair (0 - 7 days)

Elbow at 90 degrees


  • Use as elbow immobilizer

Once cleared for early protected motion (up to 4 weeks)

  • Spring loaded flexion assist flexes arm to allow shielded, protective gliding of biceps tendon to prevent adhesions
  • Extension stop set to block unwanted extension (typically 90° to 110° of extension blocked)

Once tendon is healed (4wks until complete motion restored)

Custom Fit BiDirectional Elbow Orthosis
  • Extension assist at rest to restore full extension of the elbow and biceps muscle tendon unit




Other indications:

Also a complete rehab protocol for for restoring flexion and extension post elbow injury/surgery

  • Olecranon fracture
  • Radial head fracture
  • Other fractures of the elbow/forearm resulting in structural LOM

Ordering Information:
Extension Assist
EO CF with
Joints EO SS1H (Left and Right)
Power Unit EO P#H depending on patient weight (P1H>50 kg, P3H>25 kg, P5H <25 kg)(Lateral side)

Flexion Assist
EO CF with
Joints EO SS2 (Left and Right)
Power Unit EO P# depending on patient weight (P2>50 kg, P4>25 kg, P6 <25 kg)(Lateral side)

EO CF with
Joints EO SS3 (Lateral Side)
EO SS 1 (if Flexion stop is needed) EO SS2 (if Extension stop is needed) (Medial Side)
Power Unit KO P7(Lateral side)

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