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EO Fracture Brace

EO Fb1Bi-Directional

Indications: These designs are for use at rest and during activities of daily living to posture and strengthen the soft tissue of the elbow musculoskeletal . The precise stress lengthens and strengthens the flexors/extensors to conservatively manage orthopedic dysfunction caused by structural LOM.

These orthoses are fabricated from orthometry measurements for a specific patient. Precise fixturing and alignment enable the components and uprights to be contoured to allow precise axial alignment to the elbow joint. Patient casting is not required. Click here for measurement form.

Ordering Information: Measurement forms for all of these braces. All measurements on the form must be included, all are critical for sizing and alignment.

Components Only
Extension Assist
Joints EO SS1H(Stainless) or EO AA1 (Aluminum) (Left and Right)
Power Unit EO P#H depending on patient weight (P1H>50 kg, P3H>25 kg, P5H <25 kg)(Lateral side)

Flexion Assist
Joints EO SS2(Stainless) or EO AA2 (Aluminum) (Left and Right)
Power Unit EO P# depending on patient weight (P2>50 kg, P4>25 kg, P6 <25 kg)(Lateral side)

Joints EO SS3 (Lateral Side)
EO SS2 (Medial Side)
Power Unit KO P7(Lateral side)

EWHO for Supination or Pronation
WHO P11 (Shown Below)

Supronation Brace
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