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  Ortho Rehab – Custom KO

Clinical Problem:  Post-op instability (Total Knee Replacements, Soft Tissue Injuries, Fractures, Repairs) with possible loss of extension and/or flexion in early rehab

Ultraflex Solution:  Custom Molded KO with OPTIONAL extension, flexion, or bidirectional power unit .

Clinical Goals:
    • Immobilzation for protection (provided by silver lock tabs)Custom Molded Knee With Optional Power Unit Attached
    • Limited ROM to prevent adhesions (provided by dial lock mechanism)
    • Dynamic assist for restoring full or near-full extension, flexion or both extension and flexion knee ROM (when used with optional Ultraflex power unit)

    Evaluation/Casting:  Cast in comfortable midrange from ankles to just below perineum for KO CM.  Read more on Casting Considerations.

    Evaluation/Ordering Information:  Clinical and technical support: (800) 220 6670
    Fax: (610) 906-1420, info@ultraflexsystems.com

    Ordering Information:

    Static Control / Limited Motion (No power unit)
    Joints KO SS2 (Left and Right)

    Extension Assist
    Joints KO SS1H (Left and Right)
    Power Unit KO P1H (Lateral side)

    Flexion Assist
    Joints KO SS2 (Left and Right)
    Power Unit KO P2 (Lateral side)

    Joints KO SS3 (Lateral Side)
    KO SS1 (if Flexion stop is needed) OR KO SS2 (if Extension stop is needed) (Medial Side)
    Power Unit KO P9 (Lateral side)

    Ultraflex Custom Fabrication:
    Above listed components and KO CM1
    (Measurement Form)

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