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Spasticity from a Cerebral Origin, CP, TBI Pediatric

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Clinical Problems:
Spasticity from a Cerebral Origin
- Soleus spasticity (hemiplegia);
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - Loss of dorsiflexion ROM, frequent falling, difficulty climbing stairs.
AFO with SMO insert
Ultraflex Solutions:
Spasticity from a Cerebral Origin - Custom Molded AFO with SMO insert;
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - Custom Molded AFO

Clinical Goals:
Spasticity from a Cerebral Origin - Conservatively maintain and increase length of soleus muscle, delay heel cord lengthening, complement multi-level Botulinum Toxin A.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Ages 3 4: Maintain normal joint range of motion at feet and ankles (prevent plantarflexion deformities), establish orthotic stretching routine
Ages 5 8: Maintain ambulation, maintain dorsiflexion ROM and plantargrade posture of feet at rest
Ages 9 14: Maintain ambulation/functional ambulation, Maintain dorsiflexion ROM and plantargrade posture of, feet in order to maintain ability to wear shoes and assist with transfers

Evaluation/Casting: Foot in sufficient plantar flexion to correct and cast in rear, mid, and forefoot neutral. Read more on Casting Considerations. DMD AFO

Evaluation/Ordering Information: Clinical and technical support: (800) 220-6670 Fax: (610) 906-1420,

Components Only
Pediatric: < 25 kg (no donning lock desired)
T Stirrup:
Lateral Joint AFO PC1T (Left or Right)
Medial Joint AFO P ROM T

T Stirrup:
For DorsiFlexion Assist Lateral Joint AFO SS1T (Left and Right)
Power Unit AFO P#T depending on patient weight (P1>50 kg, P3>25 kg, P5 <25 kg) (Lateral side)

Ultraflex Custom Fabrication: Above listed components AFO SMO CM (Measurement Form)

With special thanks to Keith Smith, CO from St Louis for his invaluable help in improving the proper casting, design and fabrication of SMO inserts for use inside Ultraflex AFOs. Keith exemplifies the highest standards of professional patient care in our field.  

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