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Gait Deviations

Post stroke, Cerebral Palsy, Post Polio Syndrome, incomplete spinal cord injury – Adult/Adolescent - patients 110 lb/50kg - 250 lb/115kg

Clinical Problem:  Gross lower extremity weakness causing combined
knee and ankle instability, patients who would reject traditional locked
KAFOs, some UE impairment but able to unlock the knee with one hand  

Ultraflex Solution:  Custom Molded bilateral strut KAFO ADR™ with UltraSafeStep components at knee and ankle, cable release option  Read more

Clinical Goal:  Correct gait deviation with greater speed and symmetry.

Evaluation/Casting:  Standard for KAFO articulated, knee and ankle.  Read more on Casting Considerations.   

Measurement Form 

Evaluation/Ordering Information: 
Clinical and technical support: (800) 220 6670

Fax: (610) 906-1420,

UltraSafeStep In PolyProOrdering Information:

Components Only

KO USS at Knee
AFO USS components medial and lateral > 70 kg AFO USS medial with Ultraflex Universal Joint lateral <70 kg

Ultraflex Custom Fabrication:
Above listed components and KAFO CM1 USS (Measurement Form)

Thermoplastic:  Used by practitioners who desire more adjustability of the orthosis interface and prefer a more traditional approach for their patients

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