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Loss of motion – great toe post surgery – Adult/Adolescent

Clinical Problem:  Post operative loss of great toe
motion impacting gait GTO Custom
Ultraflex Solution:  Custom molded great toe orthosis

Clinical Goal:  Restore toe extension for normal walking 

Evaluation/Casting:  Cast full foot to ankles for SMO trim-lines, all planes to neutral, great toe in uncorrected position.  Read more on Casting Considerations. 

Measurement Form 

Evaluation/Ordering Information:  Clinical and technical support: (800) 220 6670
Fax: (610) 906-1420,

Ordering Information:

Components Only

Lateral Joint AFO PC1T (Left or Right)
Medial Joint AFO P ROM T

Ultraflex Custom Fabrication:
Above listed components and GTO CM

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