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EO Custom Molded


Indications: This design is for use at rest and during activities of daily living to posture and strengthen the soft tissue of the elbow musculoskeletal . The submaximal assist lengthens and strengthens the flexors/extensors to conservatively manage orthopedic dysfunction secondary to trauma. This elbow design minimizes pressure to reduce co-morbidities from poor skin integrity, neuropathies or vascular disease.

Fabrication: This orthosis is custom made for a specific patient. A patient model of the elbow is made from a plaster or fiberglass mold. The model is modified for relief of bony prominences and proper application of force. Plastic and metal are then formed to the patient using exacting orthometry measurements to complete the brace.

Ordering Information:

Components Only
Pediatric:< 25 kg (no donning lock desired)
Extension Assist

Lateral Joint EO PC1(Left or Right)
Medial Joint EO P ROM

Flexion Assist
Lateral Joint EO PC2(Left or Right)
Medial Joint EO P ROM

Extension Assist
Joints EO SS1H(Stainless) or EO AA1H (Aluminum) (Left and Right)
Power Unit EO P#H depending on patient weight (P1H>50 kg, P3H>25 kg, P5H <25 kg)(Lateral side)

Flexion Assist
Joints EO SS2(Stainless) or EO AA2 (Aluminum) (Left and Right)
Power Unit EO P# depending on patient weight (P2>50 kg, P4>25 kg, P6 <25 kg)(Lateral side)

Joints EO SS3 (Lateral Side)
EO SS 1 (if Flexion stop is needed) EO SS2 (if Extension stop is needed) (Medial Side)
Power Unit EO P# depending on patient weight (P7>50 kg, P8>25 kg, P9 <25 kg)(Lateral side)

Ultraflex Custom Fabrication:
From Cast- Above listed components and EO CM (Measurement Form)
Made From Measurements EO Fb - (Measurement Form)



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