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  Spasticity Management
-KAFO Dynamic Ankle

Spasticity from a Cerebral Origin, CP, TBI – Pediatric

Clinical Problem:  Gastroc-soleus spasticity
(quadriplegia, diplegia)

Ultraflex Solution:  Custom Molded KAFO (dynamic
ankle component, solid knee or rom stop joint) 

Clinical Goal:  Conservatively maintain and increase muscle length gastroc-soleus (and hamstring); delay heel cord lengthening surgery, complement multi-level Botulinim Toxin A and serial casting.

Evaluation/Casting:  Knee in slight flexion, ankle plantar flexed, correct with hand pressure and cast rear, mid, and forefoot to neutral.  Read more on Casting Considerations.   

Evaluation/Ordering Information:  Clinical and technical support: (800) 220 6670
Fax: (610) 906-1420,

Ordering Information:

Components Only
Pediatric:< 25 kg (no donning lock desired)
T Stirrup:
Lateral Joint AFO PC1T (Left or Right)
Medial Joint AFO P ROM T
Add KO P ROM (X2) if articlated knee required

T Stirrup: For DorsiFlexion Assist
Lateral Joint AFO SS1T (Left and Right)
Power Unit AFO P#T depending on patient weight (P1>50 kg, P3>25 kg, P5 <25 kg)(Lateral side)
Add KO ROM (X2) if articlated knee required

Ultraflex Custom Fabrication:
Above listed components and KAFO CM3 (not shown) for solid knee articulated ankle - KAFO CM1 if articulated ankle and knee required (Measurement Form)

With special thanks to Keith Smith, CO from St Louis for his invaluable help in improving the proper casting, design and fabrication of SMO inserts for use inside Ultraflex AFOs.  Keith exemplifies the highest standards of professional patient care in our field.  



KAFO Solid Knee show with UltraQuick Release

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