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UltraQuick Release™

New UltraQuick Release™ Expands Orthotic Options

Our new Ultraflex components give you the flexibility to convert and/or connect orthoses quickly and easily, allowing you to extend orthotic options for your patients.

Daytime/Nighttime Combination Option
Consider adding a KO section to a daytime AFO to facilitate a nighttime stretching treatment. 

Versatile Upper and Lower Extremity Conversions
Other options may include the conversions listed below depending on the patient treatment program:

        KAFO —»  AFO
        KAFO —» KO
        EWHO —» EO
        EWHO —» WHO

Top View UltraQuick Release

Side View UltraQuick Release

Ordering the UltraQuick Release is fast and easy.

  • Protective caps included for comfort when attachment section not in use
  • Order according to bar size
  • One pair per bar needed (for medial and lateral attachment order 2 pair)
  • Same day shipping

View video See for yourself how quickly and easily the UltraQuick Release™ work with Ultraflex braces.

See unit pictured on a brace (Click Here).


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