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Ultraflex Systems, Inc. was incorporated November 7, 1991. In that same month, Ultraflex acquired patented dynamic brace technology used to improve range and function following injury. The company was capitalized through private investors.

Since that time, the company has refined, evolved and expanded its technology. Our proprietary designs includes orthotic components for all major joints of the human body, fabrication of custom orthoses for upper and lower extremity limbs, covered by numerous worldwide patents with other patents pending. Ultraflex has helped close to 90,000 patients improve range, strength and function of their limbs through a nationwide network of independent certified orthotic and prosthetic clinicians who purchase, customize and fit Ultraflex technology to patients and bill their insurance.

To address building an empowerment team ownership culture with greater long-term retention, the company's team leaders, operating teams and external consultants/advisors completed an extensive Human Resource (HR) review that has resulted in the implementation of new HR practices. Ultraflex's HR systems have been re-designed to lead, build and empower high performance teams that value long-term employee tenure, commitment and loyalty.

In 2001, Ultraflex successfully completed a pilot initiative for placing direct employees in the field as clinical-technical support representatives. We anticipate expanding this approach throughout the US. Based on the results of this pilot, we expect it to substantially increase patient care volume for each new territory opened.

Ultraflex patient care in Europe is also expected to continue its strong expansion, continuing the positive trends begun in 1999 in Belgium. Ultraflex Europe distributed by Dirame Ortho located in Assesteenweg, Belgium is leading this strong effort.
In 2006 Dirame Ortho expanded it's distribution of Ultraflex by adding distributors in Germany, the north countries, the UK and France.

In 2006 and 2007 Ultraflex further expanded its international distribution network by adding distributors in Australia (OAPL) , Japan (Advanfit) and Canada (OrthoActive) .

Ultraflex currently has a number of potentially breakthrough new products, concepts and prototypes for many challenging rehab needs. Solving these and other patient needs' will continue to challenge Team Ultraflex to new heights in technology, clinical support and patient outcomes in the years to come.

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