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Ultraflex Patient Inspired SolutionsOur Inspiration

Our Mission

Ultraflex is a committed research and development company, dedicated to advancing the function of the most demanding orthotic and prosthetic patients with conservative treatments. Our patented state-of-the-art technologies are breaking new ground in therapeutic and functional bracing for patients with spasticity and other neuro-muscular and orthopedic dysfunction. They are designed to lower global treatment costs by reducing the need for more aggressive multiple interventions. We strive to reduce co-morbidities later in life, by maximizing functional status through early intervention.

We advance our technologies through applied research using the latest materials and current clinical concepts to improve function conservatively for a target pathology. Ultraflex uses ethical scientific methods to test for failures and limits to our technologies and related clinical algorithms. We continuously refine designs and treatments. More importantly, we tell you where our technology shouldn’t be used. We do so beyond the requirements of applicable FDA and CE mark regulations and standards.

Ultraflex is a recognized leader in the orthotic and prosthetic field in documenting clinical and economic patient outcomes. We are advancing the profession by informing patients of the treatment benefits and costs versus other alternatives, so case managers can make better decisions.

Ethical Patient Care:
The greater the need, the smaller the voice or more limited the resources of the patient - the greater is our opportunity to quietly make a difference. Ultraflex uses clinicians certified in the field of orthotics and prosthetics to:

  • help evaluate your needs, design a custom brace, integrate a patient specific treatment plan and;
  • be a participating orthotics and prosthetic provider (to assist in determining coverage and payment).
For those truly indigent patients unable to pay, we can offer assistance in many cases depending on individual circumstances.

Clinical Support:
This web site is designed to give you basic information about Ultraflex technology and clinical algorithms. Our support representatives are allied health professionals with access to current literature searches and an independent clinical advisory board to confidentially discuss specific clinical presentations, treatment rationales and intervention strategies. We also publish our completed outcome reports online to aid informed healthcare decisions.

Our Mission:
To humbly serve the therapeutic and definitive orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) needs of patients with severe neuro-muscular and/or orthopedic dysfunction. The greater the need, smaller the voice or more limited the resources of the patient - the greater is our opportunity to quietly make a difference.  

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