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Ultraflex is committed first and foremost to the health, well being and functional independence of the patients we serve. We follow these principles to guide our direct and indirect patient care efforts:
  1. Provide Ultraflex patient care only if it is less costly, equally effective or more effective than alternative therapeutic treatments or other definitive interventions.
  2. Provide Ultraflex patient care cautiously if a more effective treatment or definitive intervention is available. Carefully consider conservative or adjunctive benefits and potential for later integration before proceeding.
  3. Provide Ultraflex patient care only if the prospects for compliance are good.
  4. Only provide Ultraflex patient care if the treatment or intervention addresses clear functional goals or may prevent catastrophic postural deformity(s) or co-morbidities.
  5. Only provide Ultraflex patient care at a cost that will not cause undue financial burden to the patient or health care system.
Any Ultraflex patient care must include a complete analysis of the individual patient circumstances. We always strive to consider: a) the therapeutic or definitive benefits and price for Ultraflex fabrication and O&P patient care, and b) the cost and effectiveness of altemative/adjunctive therapeutic treatments or definitive interventions.

Proper patient care can only be accomplished by an ethical clinical team driven solely by a real commitment to each patient's outcome - not insincere lip service to medical ethics, inter-disciplinary jealousy, professional hubris, or putting individual, institutional or corporate financial gain before individual patient care. These conflicts of interests must be avoided by putting the patient first.

Ultraflex strongly supports individual responsibility and leadership by everyone in healthcare. We do not support strict "market" solutions nor government based "collectivism" that are inherently divorced from respect for each individual's human dignity and full life potential.

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