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Patients, Parents, & Caregivers Of Children with Spastic
Hemiplegia (Hemiparesis)

Ultraflex introduces you to a new treatment program that provides a viable treatment protocol for spastic hemiplegia (hemiparesis).

Jake getting his new FirstFlexUltraflex makes custom braces for the physically disabled. FirstFlex™ is a treatment protocol, offered by Ultraflex, that combines a custom molded brace with neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES).

This treatment program is a conservative option for children with upper-extremity cerebral palsy induced spastic hemiplegia (hemiparesis).

Here you will discover valuable new information for patients, parents, and caregivers of children with spastic hemiplegia:

  • Find out about the benefits children have experienced from the breakthrough FirstFlex™ treatment program.
  • Learn about the UltraKidz Team for children with spastic hemiplegia (hemiparesis) and how a child can become a member.
  • Gain more information about FirstFlex™: research and consider a reality check.

What Benefits To Expect From FirstFlex?

  • Improvement in reach, grasp and pinch.
  • Carryover improvement in activities of daily life such as hair combing, dressing and play activities. Long term carryover is unknown.
  • Improved strength.

To discover more about these improvements in children with spastic hemiplegia see the summary of the Kleinert Institute's research studies.

The Ultrakidz Team And How To Join

Dad helping Hanna with her FirstFlex

If you are currently a patient in the FirstFlex™ treatment program, we want you to join our team. Simply send us an e-mail saying you want to join the team. Include your name, address, phone number, and your age and also the name of your orthotist.

Or you can fill out a very short form on the "Contact Us" page.

Membership Privileges - Exclusively available to Ultrakidz team members

  • Your Video On The web - send us a VHS video with one or more of the following: (video footage should be shot at a distance of 3 to 10 feet from the subject )

1. You involved in a favorite activity
2. Your comments about how FirstFlex™ is helping you
3. Mom or Dad's comments about the program
4. You shooting your best 3 point basketball shot
5. You and your pet together
6. You participating in a craft project

We will edit your video and put a clip of it on our web page. We will then notify you so that you can contact your friends and family with the exact address as to where they can view your video.

To submit a video please send it to Ultraflex Systems at the address on the bottom of this page. Mark it "Attention Ultrakidz."

  • Design Our Holiday Cards

We want our Ultrakidz Team to help us create unique holiday cards for special holidays. To participate, use a full 8 ½ by 11 sized sheet of white paper and design a card that we can send to our customers at various holidays. Be sure to sign your name on your card! You can pick any holiday you wish.

Send your card to Ultraflex Systems at the address on the bottom of this page. Mark it "Attention Ultrakidz."

If you have other ideas for Ultrakidz activities, we'd love to hear about them. E-mail your ideas to

About Jake Gill - One of our Ultrakidz

Jake on the jungle gym Jake is ten years old and currently a patient in the FirstFlex™ treatment program. Listen to what Jake has to say about the program in a short video you can download. His mother also offers her thoughts on the program in a brief video to download.

The FirstFlex Treatment Program For
Children With Spastic Hemiplegia:
Research and Reality Check

About the Research

The retrospective study comprised a period of 7 years. The prospective study was conducted over a two-year period. In both studies, patients showed marked improvement when using combined Ultraflex custom bracing and neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

Reality Check

This treatment program for children with spastic hemiplegia is difficult.

We do not want to create false hopes in parents, patients, or caregivers. In order to benefit from the protocol there must be a commitment to two therapy sessions daily and wearing of the brace at night to sleep. If you are a parent or caregiver, you can likely anticipate that your child will often not want to do the therapy. That is normal.

We strongly recommend that patients and caregivers discuss the regimen and make a mutual commitment to undertake the protocol for a defined period of time.

The "Answers To Your Questions" page offers creative ways to address this issue and also provides specific details about the program.

You can download brief videos that show you more about the FirstFlex™ treatment program for children with spastic hemiplegia (hemiparesis).

Contact us with your specific questions about the FirstFlex™ treatment program for spastic hemiplegia or ask us to send you the research studies or the "Parent Overview Video" and/or the "Clinician Overview Video."

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