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Orthotic Management for

Maintain and increase muscle length and improve passive range of motion with precise dynamic stimulus and proper posturing  

She can enjoy the pool now Upper and lower therapeutic/stretching bracing solutions

• spasticity (from a cerebral origin - Cerebral Palsy, TBI, CVA)
• Duchenne muscular dystrophy • Brachial Plexus Injury
• Spina Bifida • Arthrogryposis • SCI 

Ultraflex ONE™


Fine tune first, second, and third rockers, selectively augment weak muscles with Ultraflex Adjustable Dynamic Response™ (ADR™) technology 

Walking is easier Adult functional bracing, UltraSafeStep™
• post-stroke • post-polio • incomplete spinal cord injury • drop Foot 
• crouch gait  

Pediatric functional bracing, UltraSafeGait™

• crouch gait types • equinus types •  variants of crouch and equinus


To protect and mobilize at each stage of post surgical course  

Raking leaves again Upper and lower dynamic/static combination stretching bracing

• elbow trauma • tendon repair (biceps, triceps, patellar, quadriceps)

•  limb lengthening (Ilisarov)

Ultraflex ONE™

Ultraflex FDA Class 1 braces are available only through a physician’s prescription and are fitted by certified orthotists. Patient Guide

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