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Managing Gait Deviations with Ultraflex

Give patients unprecedented stability and motion resulting in greater independence and community access.

UtraSafeStep™ facilitates functional improvements in the areas of gait efficiency, safety, and stability.  Patients notice improvements on variable surfaces, while ascending and descending steps, and during normal activities that may require additional support in terms of strength, stability, and endurance.   All this results in greater independence and community access.

Ultraflex is the only maker of custom orthotic solutions that address gait deviations with adjustable dynamic response component technology.

In contrast to conventional orthoses, adjustable dynamic response technology addresses stance support at both the knee and ankle dynamically.  Ultraflex minimizes compensations while allowing for a more normal knee-ankle-foot biomechanics such as knee flexion and ankle-foot roll-over.  Also, UItraflex maximizes speed at a reduce energy cost.

Ultraflex technology allows for increased stability in the early phases of rehabilitation and less restriction of available muscle use in the latter phases.  Patients and therapists appreciate both the versatility and cost savings our intervention affords.

Ultraflex offers both an UltraSafeStep AFO and an UltraSafeStepKAFO that can be easily converted to an UltraSafeStep AFO with an UltraQuick Release , allowing for maximum treatment options in one orthosis.

Ultraflex’s adjustable dynamic response technology is ideal for post-stroke, post-polio, drop foot, and crouch gait.  Let us demonstrate how the entire gait cycle can be addressed with Ultraflex.

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