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Why Lock Up The Knee When You Don't Have To ?

The next generation in advanced gait assist technology!

Indications: Gait training for stroke rehabilitation (forced limb use programs). Permanent gait assist for any lasting extensor weakness causing knee instability and buckling.

Specifications: 3/16 by 3/4 2024 bars standard, 1/4 by 3/4 2024 available, posterior offsets and medial contours available. Patients up to 220 pounds with fair or better cognition.

Features & Benefits

USS KAFO in Carbon FiberAdjustable Dynamic Response
•Infinitely adjustable stance response angle from 0-30 degrees
•Provides safe stance control without locking the knee
•Dynamic shock absorption at initial contact/loading response
•Dampens ground reaction force for smoother gait

•Ratchet support from 120 degrees flexion to full extension
•Prevents knee buckling when standing

•Natural dynamic swing assist - Elastomere return provides a more natural swing assist
•Helps achieve terminal swing in the presence of extensor weakness

Cable Release Option/Cam Lock
•Ergonomic positive lock and un-lock positions
•Designed with the stroke impaired arm-hand in mind, accomplished with one hand
•Safety system locks handle prior to unlock if brace is still supporting patients weight
•Low-profile and can be actuated through clothing
•Made from sturdy light-weight machined metal materials


UltraSafeStep KAFO
USS KAFO on a patient USS release with built in safety

Slide Lock/Safety Option
•Simple design
•Requiring no adjustments
•Extremely low profile
•When cognition or UE impairment is not an issue, this option represents an elegant solution
•Patients must make sure both sides are locked or unlocked at knee joint as needed 

Locked                            Unlocked
Actuator and Safety Pull in                                    Actuator and Safety Pull in
Locked/Engaged Position                                      Free Rotation Position     

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