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UltraSafeStep™ AFO

Improve gait quality while decreasing your patient's energy cost.

Variable dynamic response for the ankle…

UltraSafeStep Ankle
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USS Ankle with SMO

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at initial and terminal stance.

Features & Benefits...

  • Floor Reaction Design
    Dampens ground reaction force (GRF) for smoother and more efficient gait
    Redirects GRF at initial contact through forward progression
    Other designs possible
  • Adjustable Range of Motion
    Dorsiflexion and Plantarflexion range from 0-40º
  • Dual Adjustable Dynamic Response™ for Stance
    Adjustable response at initial contact and terminal stance
    A more biomechanically sound design allowing the ankle to move more while storing & releasing energy
    Adjustable dampening muscle compensation: Plantarflexion up to 600 in*lb,
    Dorsiflexion up to 600 in*lb
  • Prevents Toe Drag
    Returns ankle to neutral and assist foot clearance during swing
    Improve initial contact, stabilize ankle and advance the body during mid stance
  • Ground Reaction Force Transfer
    Dual medial & lateral stirrups support mid-foot and transfers GRF to toe lever


Indications: Gait training for stroke rehabilitation (forced limb use programs). Lower extremity weakness requiring a double action or floor reaction ankle-foot orthosis.

USS Ankle Joint

Component Weight: 0.37 lbs (0.17kg)
Size: 3.50" (88.9mm) X 0.69" (17.5mm) X 7.25" (184.2mm)
Capacity: Supports up to a 250 lb person (when medial and lateral joints used)
Range: Continuously adjustable 0-40° Plantarflexion, 0-40° Dorsiflexion
Adjustable dampening muscle compensation: Up to 600 in-lb (67.8N-m) in both Dorsiflexion and Plantarflexion. Dynamic, Adjustable shock absorption at Initial Contact and through Gait with Return Hysteresis


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